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Cooking Basics
How to Cook Beans and Lentils
Easy Smoothie Breakfasts
How to Cook Tofu
Best SuperFoods
Making Pasta
Marinara sauce
Bean and lentil pictorial
Naan pictorial
Homemade breadcrumbs (go to end of post)
Dill cucumber pickles
Pickled jalapeños

Banana oat muffins
Biscuits and gravy (vegetarian)
Cereal bars
Chevdo (Indian hot mix of spicy cornflakes and peanuts)
Quinoa breakfast
Sweet potato pineapple muffins

Bean chili with garlic bread
Broccoli cheese soup
Butternut squash and pear soup
Cabbage lentil soup with truffled parmesan polenta
Carrot ginger soup
Five-bean chili with Leffe brown beer and chipotle peppers I am *so* original with the bean chilies.
Five-bean chipotle chili
Hot and sour soup
Khadi (Gujarati soup, Indian)
Mushroom soup
Pesto minestrone
Pinto bean with green chilies
Potato and leek soup with parsley-garlic chutney
Pumpkin Thai soup
Rice Noodle Soup (what the pho)
Split green pea soup
Split pea soup with fried egg and chard open faced sandwiches

Asian-style slaw with watermelon radishes and carrots
Baked samosas
Bean and beet way better than meatballs
Bhajias two-ways with apple butter chutney (chickpea fritters, Indian)
Chakli or murukku (fried rice crisps, Indian)
Cheese-stuffed pretzels
Chevdo (Indian hot mix of spicy cornflakes and peanuts)
Cilantro spicy noodles
Dumplings, vegetables, three ways
Dumplings, yellow split pea
Flemish-style white asparagus
Greek zucchini fritters
Gujarati bittermelon (karela ni shak)
Leeks with white wine and provencal herbs
Macaroni and cheese
Mushroom and arugula garlic-bread toasts
Pad thai
Pepitas or roasted pumpkin seeds
Picnic potato salad
Pinto beans with green chilies
Potato paratha (Indian)
Potatoes with turmeric and mustard seeds (bataka ni shak also Indian)
Pottekeis a beer cream cheese 
Refried beans
Refried beans (version 2.0)
Refrigerator pickles
Ridiculousy easy tomatoes and lazy rice
Risotto with spring veggies and roquefort
Roasted cauliflower with red kidney beans and capers
Roasted potatoes with green olives and beans
Rosemary parmesan popcorn
Saag tofu with garlic naan
Sage chard with lemon feta rice
Sakkarpara (Indian wheat germ crackers)
Samosa puffs (Indian variant of samosa stuffing)
Sauteed mushrooms
Seitan tikka masala (Indian)
Simple small batch pesto
Stuffed Gujarati vegetables (Indian, Bharelu shak)
Tandoori tempeh veggies (Indian)
Tofu tikka masala kebabs
Tomato and eggplant caponata
Truffled white beans with chard and tomatoes
Ubiquitous lentils
Watermelon crudo with goat cheese and pickled jalapeños
White bean dip

Amazing stuffed peppers
Baked eggplant parmesan
Baked potatos with lemon, herbs, and feta
Baked stuffed tomatoes with lemon-chard feta rice
Beanie Jose's (vegetarian sloppy joe's) with mustard roasted Brussels sprouts
Belgian beer braised mushroom stew with fries (a stoofvlees variant)
Black bean burgers
Black bean empanadas
Black bean galette with smoked sun-dried tomatoes and chipotle
Butternut phyllo dough pie
Butternut squash galette (savory pie)
Cabbage gratin
Chickpeas, black or kala channa masala
Chickpeas curry or channa masala version 2.0, Indian
Chickpeas curry with spinach and wild rice (channa masala, Indian)
Chili sin carne con frijoles
Egg noodles "scampi"
Étouffée, tofu and mushroom
Fast and furious black beans empanadas (pie version)
Fondue on a budget
Lasagna, saucepan
Lasagna, spinach and mushroom
Macaroni and cheese
Massaman curry
Mushroom and squash gratin
Okra, roasted and served with a spicy roasted pepper peanut sauce.
Pav bhaji Indian-style veggie burgers
Peanutty noodles with oyster mushrooms, tofu, and stir-fry veggies
Pizza canoes, Turkish pide with eggplant and feta
Portobello mushrooms, baked and stuffed
Potato and black bean burritos
Potato pancakes with mint yogurt sauce (raitu)
Potato, goat cheese, and shittake mushroom galette (savory pie)
Quiche with asparagus
Quiche with greens and olives
Quinoa croquettes
Red lentils, Ethiopian-style
Red-lentil dhal (Indian)
Saffron noodle cake
Spaghetti with beluga (black) lentils
Spinach burgers
Spinach veggie burgers
Stuffed shells
Tempeh, tandoori with vegetables (Indian)
Tartiflette for vegetarians
Tempeh, green-yellow Thai curry
Tempeh wings
Tex-Mex veggie burgers
Tofu, a la barbecue
Tofu smothered in onion and mustard
Tofu, hot sauce glazed
Tofu, royal tofu with king oyster mushrooms
Tofu, Korean tofu with stir fry veggies
Tofu, Lemongrass tofu (Vietnamese)
Tofu, Lemongrass tofu with soy-sesame sauce and sticky rice
Tortellini pasta with tomatoes, feta, and mushrooms
Tuna in black bean sauce
Turkish pide with eggplant and feta
Yellow split pea and calabash squash curry (dudhi channa ni shak, Indian)

Apple and pear galette (sweet pie)
Apple pie individual like empanadas
Apple pie 
Belgo-American brownies
Carrot-cake cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes
Mango amaretto rice pudding
Peanut butter cups
Rhubarb cake
Saffron cream cheese icing
Speculoos cupcakes
Ultimate French chocolate buttercream icing

Banana oat muffins
Beer bagels with Leffe brown beer
Focaccia with rosemary
Garlic bread
Onion and garlic naan
Potato paratha
Pizza dough
Sweet potato pineapple muffins

Chutneys, salsas, spices, and sauces
Apple butter chutney
Barbecue sauce
Black bean salsa with avocado and cucumbers
Cilantro cucumber chutney
Chipotle salsa
Fresh salsa (from potato and black bean burritos)
Mango salsa
Marinara sauce with lentils
Parsley garlic chutney
Spicy bell-pepper peanut sauce
Yogurt sauce with cucumber and mint (raitu, Indian)

Campari cocktail
Cherry limeade
Elderflower mojitos
Limeade with mint and blueberries
Melon peach coconut smoothie
Old Fashioned
Pineapple Margaritas
Rose Lassi
Rum Swizzle
Watermelon margarita

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