May 27, 2012

Cherry Limeade


I'm writing up this post a few days after drinking this, and just the thought of the tart refreshing beverage is making me very thirsty. I do not make drinks excessively sweet, so adjust to your taste. I had some leftover canned cherries (packed in the their own juices) which I used up here. Skewered grapes and cherries would make a fun garnish.

Cherry Limeade
Yield: 1 drink served in a low ball glass, or a half-pint mason jar. 

1/2 of a fresh lime, or more to taste; a thin lime slice for garnish.
1-2 T cherry juice such as that found in canned cherries, or try just regular cherry juice.
2-3 cherries (canned or maraschino); I used canned ones leftover from crepes and it was tart and refreshing
mint, optional
1 tsp sugar, or splash simple syrup
sparkling water

Squeeze the lime juice into a low ball glass or a half-pint mason jar and dissolve the sugar into it. It will likely still be grainy, but we're going for a refreshing beverage that is not soda-sweet. Stir in the cherry juice and cherries. Top with ice and fill the rest with sparkling water. Garnish with a lime slice and quaff immediately.

Optional: muddle in some mint or basil.