Why another food blog?


About me: Hi, I'm Neeli. I currently live in Seattle, WA - and am so happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. I simply love it: this area has a great local food scene, excellent crafty brews, and lots of biking and walking infrastructure. Before moving to Seattle, I taught nutrition at a public university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Roll Tide!). From January 2010-May 2012, I lived abroad in Belgium and Spain. 

What is khavanu? In the south Asian language, Gujarati, khavanu means to eat food. I like to eat, and I expect that foods taste delicious and contain nutritious ingredients. Good healthy food is affordable when you plan meals, cook everyday, and buy quality foods. If we don't know each other, I invite you to stay a while, open up a beer and find some good eats (a recipe index from 2008 until now). Like what you see? Check out my free and dorky vegetarian monthly meal plans. My cooking is mostly vegetarian, and could easily go vegan or omnivorous. I care more about eating than assigning a label. 

Some more fun facts: As a blogger, my favorite post is a vegetarian Stoofvlees. In the real world, I'm a public health nutritionist and a registered dietitian. When I lived in Belgium, I learned Dutch/Flemish. I learned Spanish while living in Belgium - sadly it only improved my Dutch. 

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