June 7, 2012

Rum Swizz

Rum Swizz

the perfect beach shoe

Yesterday, I was scanning my reader sipping on a huge glass of water chock full of crushed ice, when I came across David Lebovitz's ice post. His musings on expat life in Paris always draw me in, and his recipes are fantastic, but his post was hilarious to me because it was a post totally on the novelty of ice. The comments generated below his post show a fierce defense of ice all the time, or bewilderment. Ice, a problem, really? I had to appreciate the care and awareness in which he writes after acquiring an icemaker.

When abroad, ice was something to miss. There are few countries like the US that have such a married love affair with ice (and lots of it) + beverage (of your choice).  Ice, in cubed or crushed form, was one of those things that were annoying to miss because it's convenience and luxury were never noticed until the freezer revealed your stash as a dozen teaspoon sized cubes. Now, I appreciate how novel unlimited ice feels.

Which brings me to my next refreshing, porch-sitting (and in those cute shoezles pictured above), watch the sun go down, and feel the heat let up a bit cocktail: the rum swizzle. And make that with lots of ice.

Rum Swizzle
Yield: 1 drink poured into a Collins or pint glass. A Mason jar would showcase this drink nicely.
2 oz of dark rum
freshly squeezed juice of half a medium lime, plus a lime round for garnish (can sub in lemons)
1 tbsp Cointreau or triple sec
1/2 cup ginger beer or ginger ale

Fill a cocktail shaker 2/3 full of ice and pour the rum, lime juice, and Cointreau over the cubes. Shake together a few times. Pour this mixture into a glass, filled to the brim with ice cubes. Top with a lime slice, ginger ale, and give it a quick stir with a swizzle or straw. Serve immediately.

p.s. I have my eye on these ice cream recipes. Shoezles. What?! It rhymes with noodles.

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