December 12, 2009

Lemongrass Tofu - Com Tau Hu Xao Su Ot

From my old friend John Le (circa 2000). John's parents owned a Vietnamese restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA called Cam-Rahn Bay (which is now out of business) but Mrs Le used to make vegetarian pho and a number of delicious dishes. Use fresh lemon grass if you can find some, or use lemongrass paste. Serve with over steaming jasmine rice.

1 lb fried tofu
lemongrass (4-5 stalks) chopped fine
1 cup onions chopped, green and yellow
1 T yellow curry powder
1 T crushed red chili peppers
1 T sugar
1 T soy sauce (or vegetarian oyster sauce)

Put tofu in first, then add lemongrass, stir for a while, and then add yellow onions, soy sauce, sugar and curry powder. Stir around, then add peppers and green onions. The amount of soy sauce (or veg oyster sauce), curry, and sugar is based on how you like your food.

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