March 11, 2010


For the hubbies birthday I tried my hand at some very yummy Indian dishes: cabbage kofta, mushroom and peas curry and some fresh naan. The naan is remarkably easy to make as long as you give it enough time to rise. Links for recipes are below photos (they include video instructions too).

Cabbage Kofta from Vah Chef (above)

Mushroom and Peas Curry from Manjula's Kitchen


  1. Gelukkige verjaardag Karl! Nog vele plezante en zonnige jaren gewenst in Belgie. En natuurlijk ook nog veel lekkere Indische gerechten uit Nilam's keuken - en Belgische chocolade! :)

    Nilam, if I make the trip all the way out to Belgium, will you cook me an Indian feast like this? Salivating...

  2. OH MY HELL.....that looks DELISH!!!!!

  3. thanks y'all - yes, and if you come here, I'll make this...again =)