May 30, 2010

Roma in Leuven

Ahhhh, updates, I've been slacking.

Roma, my cousin, was just visiting for the past 2 weeks. We spent some time lounging around Leuven and also sightseeing around Belgium.  We were able to sample many fine brews, and I made sure to send Roma back with Belgium's finest...some Westvleteren 12's. She also stuffed her bag to the limit with pounds of chocolate, and other goodies from Antwerp (Antwerp is a shopping hub).  Roma's visit felt like a bit of home, she brought me Cooking Light magazines, fashion mags, and trashy tabloids, along with dosa mix and Indo snacks (chakri and chevdo).  It was really hard to see her go, but it was a great vacation.

During Romes's visit, we toured Leuven, visited the St. Sixtus Abbey at Westvleteren, managed to drive into France while trying to get home (it is really easy to get lost), spent some nice sunny days visiting the Ardennes region, and spent days sight-seeing Brugge and Antwerp.

My father-in-law, Hans, was also able to visit us as he was traveling back to the states, and took a nice Belgian detour.  We got the best weather yet (felt like low 80's in the sun), and took full advantage by visiting the Semois River in the Ardennes and eating plenty of wonderful food around Leuven.

May continues to be a great month:
Happy Birthday Dad!
Congratulations graduates: Neil, Vishal, and Chani! Neil is an official Texas Ex, Vishal is a survivor of law school, and Chani you are an official allied health professional.  Woohoo!
I'm going to be an aunt to a BABY GIRL!!! Woohoo CONGRATS Kavi!

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