May 30, 2010

My vegetable garden in Belgium

Post number 101 - blogs are self-serving (all about me) tools, and I find it funny that this being the 101st post, is about gardening.  Growing things seems to have taken over my life (I have a slightly overweight cat, I just started 2 more sourdough starters, and there is something funky in the fridge). I am more than eager and happy to have this rare time to devote to this process.  I set out spring veggies a few weeks back and have been back to harvest salad veggies including lettuce and radishes. My peas are growing with much vigor, and I planted some strawberries I bought from the Bloemenmarkt  (a gardener's market the first week of May), to which they are happily enjoying their new homes along with peas and swiss chard. 

I'm less enthusiastic about summer veggies, but am stubborn, and refuse to think they will not grow. I bought patio seeds back at the Flower Market in Amsterdam (which are geared towards UK gardeners), so I remain hopeful that these will grow.  I check in often at the botanical gardens and I spy lots of tomatoes and peppers being set out in others vegetable gardens.  

During Roma's visit, I was able to harden the seedlings off for about 2 weeks.  After she left, I decided to plant the seedlings (thanks for your support Nick), so I have 2 eggplants, 2 tomatoes, and 2 peppers.  This didn't even make a dent in my seedlings.  I somehow managed to still have a dozen or so leftover tomato and pepper seedlings.  Summer cannot be complete without tomatoes, right? My thinking exactly. 
While the seedlings survived in their neglected makeshift homes, they are spindly and small.  I read somewhere that a vegetable gardener should always plant a seed for themselves, plant one for the birds, and one (or more) for the weather.

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