February 8, 2010



  1. You can click any picture and it will redirect you to my flickr page. From there, click the album set "Brugge" on the right hand side. Then click "Detail" view on the top.

  2. Excellent! I'm at work and planning to do some commenting, but for now my lunch break was well filled looking at gorgeous pictures :) Looks like you enjoyed Brugge.

    BTW, have you ever strolled through the 'Groot Begijnhof' in Leuven (near the sports facilities, just on the other (inside) side of the ring)? You'll see very similar sights as you saw in the Brugge begijnhof, but much closer to home!

  3. I did go through there a few times, but forgot my camera =(! It is so beautiful! I also stumbled upon the botanical gardens, I'm still looking for a community garden which grows veggies. Glad you enjoyed Nico - thanks for your email too.