February 13, 2012

Food labels

No, not those kind of food labels: useful, straightforward ones - where the label actually tells you the ingredient, helps to organize the pantry, and makes clever use out of old cards that I can't seem to part with. Yes, those crafty cute food labels.

Did you ever read my bean queen post? If so, you'll know that I learned the art of pantry organization from my mother. She never resists to tell me how the space in the pantry could be better utilized if we got rid of our two shelves of our make-believe beer cellar.

These labels are made from stamps on paper, which are then glued (using ModgePodge) onto old birthday, postcards, wedding, and holiday cards. They are then taped onto glass and plastic jars. So far, so good. Clear lids are the best because I get a glimpse of handwritten notes on the back.

bikes on paper
Traced out lids onto paper, then stamped.

letter stamps
Block letter stamps. I bought these from a MUJI store in Cologne.

Stamps on paper
Take an inventory of all your pantry goods. You'll forget at least two.

letter stamps
Artsy, craftsy. If I may (borrow from you Sara), no one was hurt in the making of this.

food labels

Fancy food jars

Food labels

food jars and cookbooks
My attempt at "artsy" and "crafty" food shot. Fail.

Crafty food labels
Here is a majority of the finished labels. I luffs them.

Crafty food labels
Reusing/repurposing glass jars.

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