January 8, 2012

Dark days of January survival list

Now that the winter solstice has passed, the average hours of daylight in northern Europe seems to have been extended by an extra hour. This makes me fleetingly happier, yet the days are cloudy, dreary, rainy, and dark. After a week of slumming it and claiming I had seasonal affective disorder (um, I do), I came up with a list that could be a better use of time than complaining.
1. Give yourself a pedicure.
2. Teach someone how to cook or bake.
3. Buy the ingredients for and prepare your favorite cocktails.
4. If you are too unmotivated to go outside and get some exercise, dance in a room, alone. (A playlist of songs to get you started: Ciara's one two step, Big Boi's Shutterbug, Robyn's dancing on my own, Daft Punk's one more time.
5. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Mine happens to be this new soup bar.
6. Obvious, but make catch up dates with your friends, and then collectively complain about the weather, or catch up on your new year's resolutions, and make your own lists. =)

Did I miss any good dance songs?


  1. 7. Go on a "Scavenger Happy Hunt" and take photos of things that make you happy.

    Happy New Year Nilam!

  2. I just love your list, and the overall optimism of your post! We're on our way back to Portland and if it's anything like Seattle we're going to need your tips!

  3. Stephanie, love it! Nico, you'll survive ;)