June 25, 2011

Garden Fridays: June 24

Belgian weather has been rainy and cool, but the garden continues to grow.

Backyard Veggies
Pots of tomatoes, eggplants, red bell peppers, pear melons, pole beans, cucumbers, basil, red cabbage, sugar snap peas, broccoli, lettuce, mint, strawberries, and swiss chard.

Ida gold tomatoes, Siberian tomatoes, eggplant and red bell pepper

Cucumber and bean trellis
Trellis, the pole beans have already moved beyond the trellis. Oops.

Ida gold tomatoes
Ida gold tomatoes in a pot with basil

Bed with late spring pots
Spring goods, sugar snaps are giving up, broccoli is ready to be eaten, and red cabbages are growing painfully slow.

C'mon cukes!

Cucumber and bean trellis
Trellis and pots with patio


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!! You guys have quite the green thumbs!

  2. Wow, Nilam. This is amazing.

  3. Thanks Guney! How's your garden growing?

  4. I bet your garden is having a blast with all that water you're getting there, isn't it? Unless you have tomatoes that need sun, of course :(

    This is the first year where I can claim I have one too! It's lookin' awesome, and boy that lettuce is sure keeping us fed well :) http://instagr.am/p/Hym5v/

  5. Nico, love your pots! Your plants look fabulsou! Miraculously, I have two tomatoes that are turning red! Stuff is growing like weeds. As for the rain, it's become quite common to have weeks where all one sees in the forecast is rain. =(

  6. I hope it gets better soon! also, for AK :)