March 11, 2011

Garden Fridays: March 11

It's been a lazy cold few weeks and has not amounted to too many productive garden days, although it has amounted to many successful cooking days. Although my grow-your-own shiitake mushrooms took a beating, I'm happy that the lettuce seedlings held on (the peas...not so much).

This week, I headed to the garden store to pick several bags of soil and compost. It was much easier going with my neighbor (who has a car) than making the trek back and forth on my bike. Belgium will not see that miraculous stint again, but then again, they probably weren't impressed either. 

I'm planning on setting out lettuce and snow peas. I picked up broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seedlings so they'll go out as well. Stay tuned (Turkish pide post coming soon) and wish me luck!

Lettuce seedlings


  1. Wow, I applaud your determinedness... must not be easy in Belgian climate... way to go! Hope you won't get any frost anymore this year.

    You on a bike juggling bags of dirt *is* a sight that I would have liked seeing :)

  2. Mummy will be so proud of you. She's fanatic about her vegetable garden.


  3. Thanks guys! As you can see, I'm also fanatic about gardening. Nico, I found seeds that are appropriate for the shorter growing season. You can't stop a gardener from finding a way ;) Can't wait to update this week, I got a lot done and I'm hopeful that things will grow.