March 18, 2011

Garden Friday: March 18

This week was a fantastic gardening week! Karl helped me construct a bed out of some old stones lying around. We built up a wall around the narrow bed, and he helped me haul the soil and compost around. The warmest day so far, also coincided with my major gardening day, so I enjoyed being out in full sunshine - it got up to 62! I topped off some pots with new soil, and added some new containers. There is a stash of firewood for some future bbq nights - and now the garden is looking much more cared for!
The bed is narrow and long; I planted cauliflower, red cabbages, broccoli, spring onions and radishes. Sugar snap peas are planted along the length of the back of the bed. The peas should grow up, not taking up too much space.
In pots, I planted the remaining cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. I also planted a lettuce mix in the big round pot. The strawberries, chard, and mint did very well over the winter. I topped them off and gave them some compost.
de tuin
I met the neighbor behind us (Saturday was a lovely day so everyone in Belgium was outside) and he is putting up a bamboo fence, but also designing a real garden. It’s always nice to meet your neighbors.
Spring pots
Cauliflower; let's see if it grows in a pot
Spring bed
Here’s the bed (looking one way and then the other)

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