February 15, 2011

Grow-your-own Shiitake Mushrooms

I picked up a grow-your-own mushroom starter and have been quite pleased with the results so far. The inoculated “log” or “starter” material is gross, but the process has been more appealing than finding a way to grow shiitake mushrooms out of logs. The work there involves these steps: find a way to soak wood (I’ve been told old tubs work well, but where to find them?), drill holes in the wood, inoculate the holes with shiitake spores, and then wait. This is perfect for those living in small spaces.

This version had me mist the starter with water once per day. Store it out of direct sunlight and to keep it in a cool place.

Check it, looks disgusting, but interesting:
Hobby Mushrooms

After about a month of lightly misting with water, voilà:
Gross! Look where they grow from! Do I really want to them?

Then three days later:


  1. Woah! Beats the Pacific NW oyster mushroom tree trunk that we picked up at the Farmer's market last year. I have yet to see any trace of mushroom on that one :(

  2. Yeah, but yours may sit dormant for a while and then bloom. I'm sure this one will go crazy for a few weeks and then end. I wish I had picked up a few more (they had oyster, brown or the Parijs champignons, button, and enoki). You get enough rain, maybe it needs less?

  3. You're brave. I don't know if I could have persevered that long. Did they taste good?