February 4, 2011

Garden Fridays: Jan 28 and Feb 4

Since I missed my garden work day last week (interview!) I made up for it this week. I composted the beds and put a layer of leaves on top. I needed to start the snow peas and lettuce seedlings so I prepped them and put them into flats. Everything is looking nice and clean. I like having the schedule as it makes the small tasks enjoyable and I get some sunlight.

The interview went well enough although I think they had the definition of a nutritionist as more a food technologist with some nutritional background. It was good experience and it gave me some insight as to how things are done over here. I took advantage of getting a rental car, and Karl and I drove south through the Ardennes and into the Champagne-Ardennes region for some Champagne touring. I’ll put up my summary of it soon.

Seedling Starter
Bed or row

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