January 20, 2011

Part 2

I have now completed the first level of Dutch!  Exam day 3 (and final) went much better than the previous ones. The exam was similar to previous in-class exams and was exactly what I was expecting.  Today’s exam was a 2 hour written test, and it took me the entire time to complete it.  Results should be posted next week.

This was an intensive language course, and regardless of outcome, I am quite happy with myself for being able to pick up things quickly.  Today, I also applied to a job where the preferred second language is Dutch or French, and since it’s located in Vlaams-Brabant (the region of Flemish Brabant is Dutch-speaking) I felt proud of myself regardless of either the job’s outcome or my grade.  I’ll keep you posted on the rest.  Here’s onto some more exciting things:

I got a package from my sister today, and went through a bunch of photos:

Letters, packages, post cards, anything from home is always the best:

Delicious foods brought to you by your amazing friends is another best; this is a Spanish cheese called queso de tetilla.  It, like its name suggests, looks like a teet.  It tastes a bit like smoked gouda, and is really good with fruits.
Queso de Tetilla

I made a new year’s resolution to bake more:

Grow your own shittake mushrooms:
grow your own
grow your own

A favorite breakfast. Is it a Dutch Baby or a German Pancake? Either way, it is considered baking!


  1. Congrats on passing the exam! That's fabulous and good luck with that job. I hope you get it!


  2. Thanks for the early congrats, I'll find out next week (so I'm biting my nails and waiting).

  3. Congratulations on the exam and the as-always-good-looking-food! Is that a marjoram focaccia?

  4. Nico, rosemary and sea salt with half whole-wheat flour. Turned out so good it was gone in 2 hours.