December 27, 2010

Aigle, Switzerland

I recently figured out how to download the pictures off of my cell phone, (the most straightforward ways of using Bluetooth were not working) and was pleasantly surprised to see some hilarious pictures, along with pictures taken in absence of a real camera.
Earlier this summer, Karl and I, traveled to Geneva for a conference that Karl was attending.  On one of his off days we headed for a drive around the southern part of Lake Geneva, and decided to visit Aigle. We stopped in Evian for a picnic, and reached Aigle in the early afternoon. I had read about the beautiful town through a tourist guide booklet (online: Aigle and Map), and knew that it featured a long enough walk/hike to satisfy our cravings to sightsee.  In the tourist booklet, the walk was called “Round the Fountains” (a loop of 5.2 km) and highlighted seeing the Aigle Castle (a museum devoted to vines, wines, and labels) as well as promised that Aigle’s vineyards were the among the finest in Switzerland.
Aigle was gorgeous, it was probably one of the most picturesque towns I have ever visited. It is nestled at the mouth of a canyon, and the day we visited storm clouds clung to the mountains giving the mountain ranges a misty, mythical, appearance.  After picking up the “Round the Fountains” trailmap from the local tourist office, we headed out on a numbered walk which takes you directly up through the low-lying foothills where you are walking through vineyards and private homes. It’s central point is the Aigle Castle, which is also surrounded by vineyards.  The numbers for the hike includes the 27 gorgeous fountains which are creatively placed all around the small city.

Aigle is certainly worth a visit if you are touring the Lake Geneva region - don’t forget your camera!

Vineyards view

Round the Fountains

Aigle Castle

Aigle, Switzerland


  1. Thanks! I hope you can visit it while you are living here.

  2. I'm just catching up to this post now, because I wanted to enjoy it while not at work and all stressed out. It was worth it. Beautiful! Makes me remember my time in Switzerland, and long to go back one day - if not to live, at least to visit and sightsee + hike. Thanks for reminding me!