November 2, 2010

De Herfst in Leuven

The weather on Sunday was gorgeous. It was bright and sunny, and pleasantly warm. The leaves are in full fall (de herfst) color, and cannot be missed. Karl and I enjoy this walk near our place, and have had the opportunity to see it change through the seasons.  The stroll takes you through some Kessel-Lo neighborhoods, then up a much larger hill into a walking/biking trail, which then leads into some pastures and farm fields.  Flanders is mostly flat, but since this hike has a slight elevation gain, it provides nice views of Leuven, Korbeek-Lo, Kessel-Lo and Linden.

Along the walk we see golden trees; this is behind one of my favorite bakery's, Patisserie Dirk.

Love the contrast of this old gate with the golden leaves.

In between the pastures is a narrow muddy trail. Lucky for us, a dirt biker sped by us fast enough to throw up dirt.  Dirt Biker, you suck.

Not a bad place to live.

After almost a year in Belgium, seeing chapels is, like, the norm.

We have a nice camera and a limited skill set, so close ups of flowers and blurry backgrounds still impress. It seems extra cool when the blurred background is an old church (probably an abbey).

These Belgian grass-fed cows enjoy a lot of attention as the walking route takes us between their pastures.

Aren't these photos beautiful? Karl took all of them.


  1. i love. i want to come back.

  2. Belgium is a beautiful country. And you and Karl look so happy! I'm ecstatic for you!


  3. I've been sending these pictures out to several people telling them that I may have changed my mind: Belgium may not be that bad or ugly after all...