March 22, 2009

Spring Post - Seeds and Compost

First off, yay for the Obama Garden!

Got some seedlings out to start off the container garden this year. After reading through many gardening blogs and cooperative extension sites, I decided to dump out all the pots, mix in new potting soil, mix in some compost from my pile, and get started. Here's what I set out:
  1. Spinach in a window box (from farmer's market)
  2. Green oak lettuce and butter crunch lettuce (from farmer's market)
Seeds from packets:
  1. Green onions - White Lisbon
  2. Red onion - Italian Red of Florence
  3. Mesclun mix
  4. Arugula or Roquette
  5. Radishes - Easter Egg Blend
  6. Carrots- Touchon
  7. Carrots - Purple Haze
  8. Swiss Chard - Bright Lights
  9. Beets - Early wonder
  10. Cilantro
Orange County sells compost machines once per year at a discounted rate ($40). Picked one up since my garbage composter was compacting at the bottom. It's called an Earth Machine, and I think it will do much better than the makeshift garbage composter.

Started some herbs and flowers from seeds for other pots as well and will put these out in late May. Started Gazanias, Classic Zinnias, and some Blue Alpine Aster with various herbs that I had saved from last year.

Pictures coming soon...

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