Some Favorites

These are some of my favorite writers that have been keeping me entertained either through food, drink, travel, politics, or fashion.

The Chubby Vegetarian blog and the The Southern Vegetarian cookbook are written by the same (amazing!) authors, Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence. I found the blog while searching for watermelon crudo, and then I got hooked because they have eggplant pulled "pork" and red velvet cornbread. I bought the cookbook two days later. What I find most endearing about their cooking style is building main entrees around plant-based, un-processed foods. This book does not rely on over processed fake soy meats. Case in point: andouille eggplant, mushroom meat, and unchicken pot pie. I have two words: buy and now.

Obama Foodorama Excellent documentary of the White House food policy initiatives. If you like food and nutrition, other excellent writers that are always current include Marion Nestle's Food Politics and Bettina Siegel of The Lunch Tray.

The Thirsty Pilgrim Beer, food, and traveling in one of my favorite countries ever, Belgium! Then there is the Indian-American-now German transplants of Krishwala at Pork Bier Belly. How can you not love a site with that name?

Want great Indian food? I adore the recipes of Mitho Limbdo. Her recipes span Karnataka, Andhra and Gujarat. Those are pretty much my favorite cuisines on the Indian subcontinent. Dosa, idli, mooli paratha, khandvi, and cheese parathas. Yep.

David Lebovitz The reason why I can now bake. He's got some of the best ice cream recipes around.

Kendi Everyday I always feel awkward when I read fashion blogs. It just makes me feel like I'm spying on something, and it feels very exhibitionist. However, Kendi, makes me feel like I'm her most favorite gal, and she has a very down to earth and pulled together look which I secretly envy and mimic later.

My friend, Stephanie, just went through a move, launched an Etsy shop, had a lovely daughter, and still maintains her creative energies at Edible Thoughts. I'm very jealous of her sewing skills.

I found The Tipsy Baker after reading Jennifer Reese's Make the Bread, Buy the Butter. She is an excellent writer. No fluffiness, just solid writing with good bits of sarcasm.

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess must update their site dozens of times per week. My favorite part of their site is their "At home with..." series.

I also covet career advice. Since I've transitioned into the academic realm, I love The Professor is in. This site helped me mentally prepare for an interview, write cover letters, and organize a teaching philosophy. The professor tells it like it is.

Mr. Money Mustache. The Mustachians are a family that live a semi-retired life in their mid to late 30's. Their site shares their story to financial independence, and utilizes biking as an obvious asset of modern life. They value sustainability, livability, and do-it-yourself. The site reads like a book, which is a good thing because you will want to start at the beginning.

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